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In its preliminary decision released April 29, 2016, the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board concludes that with respect to the financial, social, governance, administrative, planning and infrastructure needs of the community, amalgamation is in the best interests of residents >> UARB Preliminary Decision



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Report Summary: Property Taxation



How Amalgamation Benefits Rural Citizens

MOU Rural Mailer Thumbnail

MOU Rural Mailer


Capital Investment Plan: Improving infrastructure with lower taxes for everyone

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Council & Districts: Fair representation by 11 elected officials, comparable to other municipalities

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Finances & Taxation: Lower taxes for the same or better services for everyone

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Staffing: Less duplication and more specialized expertise to serve citizens

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The Process: Fair process with transparency and a voice for citizens

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Why Amalgamate?: A unified commitment to growth and building prosperity for our region

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One Vision: Summary of Key Evidence Submitted to NSUARB (Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board):

MOU Information based on February 5 2016 UARB Filing Page 1MOU Information based on February 5 2016 UARB Filing Page 2