Legislature Commends MOU Committee

Posted by One Pictou County on 25 May 2016

This resolution was passed unanimously by all parties in the Provincial Legislature on Friday, May 20, 2016:



MOVED BY: Zach Churchill 
Minister of Municipal Affairs
MLA Yarmouth

I hereby give notice that on a future day I shall move the adoption of the following resolution:

WHEREAS representatives from the MOU Steering Committee leading the Pictou amalgamation – who visited this House this week - have shown courage and tenacity throughout the municipal reform process; and

WHEREAS there exist many benefits of the four Pictou municipalities joining forces to provide effective, efficient, sustainable local government for their citizens.

WHEREAS based on the evidence, the UARB agrees and on April 29th, released a preliminary order in favour of amalgamation.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that members of this House commend the work of the steering committee and congratulate them on the leadership and vision displayed throughout this process.

Mr. Speaker I request waiver of notice and passage without debate.